Is The Central Bank Governor Nominee Dr. Njoroge Gay?

It is not just the marital status of 54 year old Dr. Patrick Njoroge, the Central Bank Governor nominee that is in focus but his sexual orientation has come into play. Speculations are being thrown around that he could be gay. This is not the first time that the sexual orientation of a nominated person has been spotlighted. Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga had to ward off suggestions that he was gay so did then Deputy CJ Nancy Barasa who dismissed talk that she was a lesbian. Dr. Njoroge asserted that he was ‘single by choice’, which is the new relationship status in town. A tweet by scholar Makau Mutua alluded to the fact that MPs have reservations that the qualified Njoroge might be gay. Makau himself appeared on a list recently mentioning gay personalities in Kenya.

Makau’s tweet opened a can of worms on social media as Kenyans in their own special way made fun of the whole situation by tweeting and posting pictures. One hilarious picture juxtaposed President Barack Obama and Dr. Njoroge with Obama, 53, married with grey haired and wrinkled and Dr. Njoroge at 54, single, looking like he has just drank from the fountain of youth with a smooth face and not a spot of grey hair. Another tweet negated the role of a wife for a man’s success by reading ‘Patrick Njoroge is single at 54, look at the milestones you can achieve without a wife.’

may be gay
The sad thing is that the real issues like how he intends to stabilize the country’s economy have been distracted.

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