This Is How A Kenyan Streetboy Rose To Fight For The Us Army In Iraq And Afghanistan

Gregory Mutua is the Kenyan who has fought side by side with American troops to dismantle terrorists in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. How Kenya would use his expertise to secure Kenya from Al-Shabaab. His story is a fairy tale story that begins with affliction but ends happily. He was a street boy before joining the National Youth Service (NYS) where he learned paramilitary skills as part of his rehabilitation. Consistent with NYS activities, he was working as a bulldozer operator when he was informed that the US army were looking for people with NYS training to fly to Iraq to aid in combat with US troops who were then occupying the Middle East country.

He was among the lucky youth who joined the US army in Iraq signaling a big break in his life. He worked his way up from a security guard for a military base to fighting alongside US soldiers in dismantling the Taliban. He has skills in weaponry, Rules of the use of force, Radio Procedure Reporting, Health and Safety and skills in Law of Armed Conflict.

Many will feel it is a shame that the government has not yet tapped into experienced individuals like Mutua who can assist in managing the chaotic security situation in the country by offering advisory and even consultancy services to our security forces.

Personally Mutua has changed his life for the better owning several houses in Nairobi and enjoying life with his wife and daughter.

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