This Is How Gospel Singer Willy Paul Lost His Girlfriend After The Groove Awards


It seems that the string of bad luck is still following Willy Paul. A few minutes after losing chances to win Awards at the groove awards for his music, apparently Willy Paul lost his girlfriend. Rumor had it that he threw a scene in failing to locate her and was infuriated enough to leave by himself. In An exclusive interview at Kiss FM with Shaffie and Kalekye, Willy Paul finally cleared the rumor and apparently this was all lies.

In the interview he fervently denied that fact and claimed that he was looking for his car because he is a single man who is unavailable. The fact that Willy Paul claims to be single with no girlfriend comes as a surprise to many people because it is just a few months ago where he was declaring his undying love for a girl; unsaved and with a reputation that would scare many. Either way it seems from the recent revelation that the relationship went downhill and that he is not planning to date for a while.

Regardless of all this, Willy Paul has stated the he is planning to concentrate on his music and ministry. If that is the case, good for him maybe next time he will win awards if he has no controversies following him around.

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