This Is How Kenyans Have Reacted To The Burning Down Of A National Youth Service Built Toilet In Kibera Slums

Kibera youths who were protesting against Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru, thought it was very wise to burn down a toilet and other essential amenities that had been built by the National Youth Service. Although there was heavy police presence in the area, the youth went on to lite bonfires and barricade busy roads. The entire move has been seen like an act of foolishness since the very property that was meant to better the lives of residents was vandalized and destroyed. Kenyans as usual took to social media to air their views on the entire saga.

Many were disgusted and could not hide that they were angered by the ignorance that was clearly displayed. Some went on to blame it on joblessness and the high level of corruption in the country where close to KSH 800 million was meant to disappeared in a cleverly devised scheme.

Here are some of the tweets that Kenyans put up on social media.

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