This Is What Babu Owino Had To Say About His Involvement In The Killing Of Two Nairobi University Students

Two Nairobi university students where on Friday beaten to death following reports that they were in possession of a stolen laptop. The two students , Julius Omondi and Mohammed Yusuf were killed outside one of the resident halls as other students looked on. After Controversial blogger Robert Alai linked Student Leader Babu Owino and his personal assistant David Osano in the killings, Babu Owino issued a media statement denying his involvement. He went as far as stating that he would sue the blogger for defamation.

At an interview at Nation FM on Tuesday morning, Babu claimed that he had personally reported the incident to the Central police station which is actually a short walking distance from where the killings took place.In the interview he also went on to describe what took place. According to his words, a student had his laptop stolen and after raising the alarm, a huge group of students confronted the suspected thieves and beat them to death. During the entire incident his personal assistant David Osano was nowhere near the scene. This is what he reported to the Central Police Station.

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