Here Is The Kayole Woman Who Decided To Punish Her 9 Year Old Daughter By Stabbing Her

It’s amazing how far some parents would go to reprimand their own offspring. A Kayole woman thought it was wise to teach her daughter a lesson by stabbing her twice for coming home late after playing with friends. The stab wounds were inflicted on the 9 year Old’s leg and back. After the Lady realized what she had done, she took to her heels and fled. Luckily she was arrested a week after she had gone into hiding.

According to NTV, during the shocking incident the woman was heard flogging and beating her daughter. Neighbors tried to come to the young girl’s aid but the mother had locked them inside. She was overheard saying that she would beat her child to death. By the time the girl was rescued, she had been stabbed twice but was in stable condition. The young girl is now residing in a children’s home while the mother is set to be arraigned in court.

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