Here Is The Shocking Video Of A 8.9 Million Bmw X6 Which Went Up In Flames On Thika Road

As businessmen were counting their losses in the morning Gikomba Fire Tragedy someone was watching his German machine burn to a crisp. The whole incident was brought to light by Thika road users who uploaded pics of a vehicle which had gone up in flames on social media. It is not clear what caused the vehicle to go up in flames and it wasn’t immediately clear whether any occupants of the vehicle had sustained any injuries.

The entire scene looked like a clip from an action movie and rescuers had a bit of some difficulty putting out the fire. Fortunately even though the entire incident was happening on the super highway, no other accidents occurred as traffic police were swift to redirect traffic.

Here are some of the shocking photos and a video:
x6 oon fire




Here is the video courtesy of Ghafla:

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