This Is The Real Reason Why Safaricom “Big Bosses” Are Furious And Are Suing Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi


Popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is in hot waters for apparently defaming Safaricom telecommunication services and is being sued. In what they call a gross act of defamation on his part, Cyprian Nyakundi started what is to be a 15 part series oh ‘How Safaricom steals from Kenyans with third parties’.

Cyprian Nyakundi who has a following of 518,000 persons on twitter was on the fourth stage part series that showcases what is supposedly a breach of security of Kenyans on the part of Safaricom. Having taken his own privacy seriously and thus having no known place of permanent residence, it was hard to trace him and thus the papers were served through newspapers. In letting his followers know the happenings in his life, Cyprian Nyakundi simply stated “Safaricom is suing me. Oh my God.” Accompanying the caption was a picture of the suit notice that ordered him from further publishing of articles on Safaricom and to pull down the rest.

In all this many Kenyans are wondering if this is a breach of Kenyans rights for what seems like infringement on the right for freedom of speech and expression on public concern issues. Nonetheless as a big telecommunication company, many Kenyans using this service have had a few run ins with it and often claim that they are being robbed blind through data bundle and money transfer charges that are inconsistent.

Regardless one wonders how accurate Cyprian Nyakundi is on the issue of Safaricom and privacy. At the end of the day, how can a company that is in bed and business with the government successfully protect the privacy of Kenyans? Either way no one knows, maybe they do, maybe they spy, may be they steal!

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