This Is What Babu Owino Has Threatened Blogger Robert Alai With For Linking Him With The Murder Of Two Nairobi University Students

Babu Owino gun
Students Organization of Nairobi University chairman Babu Owino was clearly not amused with the fact that controversial blogger Robert Alai had linked him with the murder of two students who are alleged to have stolen a laptop. On a phone interview with Nairobi News, Babu owino threatened Alai with “comrade power”.

Here is part of his interview:

The students who were killed were 22 year old Julius Omondi and his friend Mohammed Yusuf. Julius Omondi was a criminology student while Mohammed Yusuf was a third year Bachelor of Commerce student. The two are claimed to have been in a gang of 5 when the accosted a student who was going to the library at 3 am. Julius and Yusuf were pronounced dead on arrival to the university clinic after a beating by students who had responded to the distress call. Investigation into the matter are still ongoing but university officials have vowed to ensure that the culprits who instigated the murder will be brought to book. Families of the deceased students are still not buying into the story claiming that neither the owner of the laptop or any claims of the missing laptop have been made.

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