This Is What Deputy President William Ruto Had To Say After Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga Suggested That Weston Hotel Should Be Demolished Immediately

In response to Raila Odingas remarks that the Weston Hotel should be demolished, Deputy President William Ruto took to his twitter page to defend his property. He insisted that he had acquired the land on which the Hotel stands legally and there was no reason for it to be demolished. According to Ruto, Raila just learnt of the real owner of the hotel recently and he shouldn’t politicize the matter. The hotel has existed for years (apparently over 10 years) and was put up when Rails was the Mp for Langata and the Prime minister of the coalition government. The land was not mentioned in the 2004 Ndung’u Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Illegal/Irregular Allocation of Public and therefore it was not been acquired fraudulently.

In a speech Ruto gave in Narok, he said that Raila was out to tarnish his name to gain political mileage in the upcoming general elections. He added that Raila is not the only Kenyan allowed to be rich, God has blessed him and they should not blame it on witchcraft or corruption. Hustlers (referring to himself) can become rich too.

On Monday, Raila had challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to show how serious he was in fighting corruption by first repossessing Ruto’s Land on which the Weston Hotel is built. He also urged the president to suspend Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru to allow proper investigations into the corruption scandal at the NYS.

Here is part of Raila’s statement.

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