After Failing Miserably At Almost Everything This Is Laura Oyier’s Desperate Attempt To Remain Relevant

Hotel detainee, socialite and recent entrepreneur Laura Oyier’s popularity has been waning since she launched her ambitious Sh. 800 mineral water and in a desperate cry for relevance, she posted pictures of herself headlining her derriere. Her behind does not go with tradition since every Kenyan socialite, Huddah removed, has a mass posterior. She, however, flaunted her bum posting photos for whoever will be concerned to give an opinion. Opinion is one thing that does not move Laura as she was judged from every quarter about her behaviour of getting stuck in posh hotels like Kempinski Villa Rosa and the Intercon, she was branded a socialite for seeking airtime from wherever she could find it and there were even allegations that Radio Africa, her former employers were part of an elaborate plan to garner her enough attention then employ her to ride on the wave of her newfound popularity.

Her skin is said to be a bleach job from past photos which surfaced online. It is said she was fired from her radio job for being lazy and unserious about her job. Her Sh.800 mineral water appears to have hit the rocks but amidst all these happenings she has not been broken. She does not give a hoot about what people say as an interview on The Trend suggested. What next does she have for us? Only Laura knows.

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