This Is The Real Reason Why Gikomba Traders Opposed The Ksh. 5 Million Compensation Offered By Kidero

Gikomba market traders have yet again rejected a plan to upgrade the landmark marketplace. A huge fire on Monday night burned down a significant portion of the market prompting the Nairobi leadership led by the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to visit the ruins and promise a Sh. 5 million compensation plan which has now been rejected. The traders’ spokesperson Nichodemus Mwadede opposed the reconstruction of the market fearing losses for the traders should they accept and wait for stalls to be built. The traders feel that the county government had forgotten them yet they contribute Sh. 15 000 monthly for rates and yet building permanent structures would drive them to losses.

They said they would resume business once they have put up temporary structures opposing arrangement to have the controversial NYS built permanent structures which are viewed as more stable and curtail widespread damage in case of fires. Fears of displacement and politics usually influence the traders’ opposition to upgrading of the market.

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