Here Is How A First Year Moi University Student Was Rescued After Being Locked In A Coffin For 2 Weeks

A student at Moi University Kitale Campus was rescued by authorities after reportedly going missing for 2 weeks. The 21 year old who goes by the name, Ivan Jack Otieno, says he was kidnapped and put in the coffin by a stranger who had approached him and asked for assistance. The abductor then went on to ask for a KSH 8 million ransom from Jack’s mother. The whole incident is believed to have been fueled by the fact that Jack’s mother had refused to secure a tender for certain parties.

According to Trans Nzoia county police Commandant Lillian Okembo , Jack was rescued by the help of a good Samaritan. At the time, jack’s abductors had taken him to Lessos, an area in kitale, where they had planned to murder him. Fortunately one of the abductors was apprehended and surprisingly he has another pending case where he is accused of robbing the Kenya Seed Company of Ksh 300,000 when he was still employed at the firm.

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