Mother Of Murimi Wa Kahalf; These Are The Shocking Mysterious Events That Lead To The Death Of My Son

Seems that the days leading to the death of Singer Murimi wa Kahalf was more eventful and unfortunately extremely violent and uncomfortable. His mother who has finally broken the long silence divulges intimate details on the last moments of his son’s life.

In what seems like spell cast on him, Wakalf apparently pleaded with his mother to take him to Igembe North, Meru County to meet witch doctors who were supposedly summoning. Having had no success with conventional medicine and having spent over 1 million in treatment at different hospitals, his mother budged. On reaching there, the witch doctors asked for Ksh. 10,000 to reverse the spell, which was supposedly done through pieces of meat and soup that happened to catalyze the pain for a little while.

Unfortunately it seems that the relieve was short lived and according to his mother, he started experiencing excruciating pain while heading back to Nairobi. By midnight, his stomach had swelled up like a balloon where he pleaded with them to pierce it with a knife. With the pain worsening Wa kahalf was rushed to St Francis Hospital Kasarani to get medical treatment. In a twist of events to worst case scenario, he asked for drinking water which mysteriously deflated his stomach before he died shortly after.

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