This Is How Witchcraft Killed My Son, Murimi Wa Kahalf’s Mother Speaks Out

The death of singer Murimi wa Kahalf has been shrouded in mystery with talk of witchcraft being involved. While such rumours were muted before, Wa Kahalf’s mother Grace Kanuthu has stepped forward to stoke those rumours by claiming that indeed her son was bewitched. Grace claims that Murimi, who was buried barely a week ago, visited some witchdoctors in Meru where some rituals were performed on him in order to reverse the long illness that he was nursing. The mother recalls that on coming back from Meru, the ‘Ino ni Momo’ Murimi experienced a terrible stomachache which led him to hospital where he died.

As these revelations paly out, Wa Kahalf’s second wife Karambu denies any involvement in the singer’s death. She has gone against the grain in blaming her husband’s death on black magic. She refutes the alleged trip that her late husband made to Meru to receive healing. She played down Murimi’s involvement in witchcraft saying that she did not know who poisoned his mind. Karambu and her mother-in-law are at odds with the latter firm that Karambu wanted to poison Murimi several times but failed.

In this compelling turn of events, a woman only known as Njoki from Germany stated that she had miscarried wa Kahalf’s twins which could point to the narrative of ritualistic happenings in the late singer’s family since Karambu, Murimi’s wife vowed to deal with her, although no specified action was taken by the wife.

As this story degenerates into a he said-she said standoff, fans of the late singer will no doubt feel ashamed that their hero’s memory is being soiled by a family feud even after he has rested.

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