Here Are The Members Of The Gaza Criminal Gang Who Surrendered To The Police After Terrorizing Citizens For A Long Time

A gang that has been terrorizing residents of Kayole have surrendered themselves. They took advantage of an amnesty issued by authorities and denounced their allegiance to a gang they called ‘Gaza’. The residents were in raptures, while others were disbelieving as the young men, women, boys and girls paraded themselves before the Kayole OCPD Ali Nuno and area MP John Njoroge. The repentant delinquents promised that crime in the area would end putting their past ways behind them. But the OCPD insisted that they would still be in his sights and warned them of dire consequences should they revert to crime. He further put criminals in the area on notice. The MP, Hon. Njoroge urged young people still involved in criminal activities to surrender themselves to authorities while the amnesty exists.

One of the keynote speakers was an elderly woman who shared with the crowd that she had sought divine intervention to protect her grandchildren among the Gaza gang. She was glad that they had turned their back on crime. Amnesty is increasingly becoming a measure which the Government is using to counter insecurity. Amnesty orders have been issued to Al Shabbab adherents as well as cattle rustlers in Northern Kenya in recent months.

Here are some pictures:



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