This Is How The Ksh 10 Million Shilling Birthday Gift Girl, Laura Akung’a, Made Her Many Millions

Kenyans were shocked into silence when a young lady bought her husband a Sh. 10 million car for his birthday. Laura Akung’a is the wife who broke the internet this weekend with the pricey birthday gift she got her husband. She has come forward to divulge that she has always had business running in her blood.
Her successful business mind began when she was a teenager, she was always aggressive and had a work ethic. From the age of 12, she learned about dairy farming as she had been challenged by her parents to do so. She studied International Business Administration in Finance at USIU and went through secondary school at Limuru Girls.

At the age of 19, with all the experience she has gathered from dairy farming, she ventured into corporate branding and communication and this is where Benchmark Solutions, her flagship company came into inception. She found it a challenge initially to get companies on board with her branding and marketing strategies but she appeared to have got her big break when Bank of Africa enlisted for her services. From that time Benchmark Solutions has served 201 organisations as demand for her services continues to grow beyond African borders into territories like China. She attributes her massive success to accurate reading of global business trends, enterprenual skills and the strategic partnerships she has built over time.

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