Very Shocking: These Are The Nairobi University Students Who Have Been Radicalized And Are Enjoying Salaries From The Al-Shabaab Payroll

According to the director of the national counter terrorism center, Mr. Isaac Ochieng, students in higher education institutions such as Nairobi University are being recruited to join the Al-Shaabab and other extremists groups at an alarming rate. The National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) already has the names of these students and is planning to act accordingly. Some of the students who have been identified on the payroll are very bright and it seems extremist groups are now changing their tactics, using people whom society would least suspect. This revelation comes after, Mohammed Abdirahim Abdullahi, a 24 year old Law graduate from Nairobi University was involved in the gruesome killing of 148 students at Garissa University.

Although the students who are on the Al-shabaab payroll are now known, Mr Ochieng failed to explain why they were not put under arrest immediately. This could probably be a move to watch their moves and gather more information on the secret operations of extremist groups. However Mr. Ochieng was quick to point out that all these radicalized students would soon be flashed out of all higher learning institutions.

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