House Help Who Was Forced To Watch Her Employer Make Love To His Wife Is Awarded Ksh 1.27 Million In Damages


The industrial court has awarded a house help from Mombasa with 1.27M after she won case against her German employer for sexual exploitation. Judge Rika James gave a directive to the worker’s former employer to make this payment within thirty days after this judgment. During the court proceedings, the woman explained to the jury, how the accused made frequent sexual advances while she was working for him.

She went ahead to recount the way he used to touch her suggestively while asking her to watch explicit movies with him. As if that was not enough, the employer had asked her to make love to him on several occasions but she refused to give in completely. According to the woman, she had to take forceful showers as the man took pictures for filming sensual movies. On a bizarre occasion the house help was forced to watch her employer make love to his wife. Life became more difficult especially when he threatened to sack her.

The house help had worked for her German employer for a period of nine months before she was unlawfully terminated.

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