Here Is Why Some Of Kenya’s Most Expensive Cars, The Lambourgini And The Royce, Have Been Impounded

Count it on Kenya to make something good disappear and replace it with something quite saddening. Well it seems that the Kenyan government decided to target the owner of these three cars and force him to get rid of the cars from Kenyan soil due to taxes.

When talking about getting rid of them, not saying that they are to be turned to ash or scrap metal, but to be exported from the country and re-imported back. This apparently is because the cars, red, green Lamborghini and a Royce rolls were still having Congo plates whose bond had expired. For now it seems that the owner has no alternative but to actually get rid of them promptly and repay the bond all over again.

Either way think many Kenyans agree with the fact that this is just another way for the government to make money. As important it is to pay taxes, wouldn’t it just be simpler if the fine was paid plus interest if the cars were still in the country? For now Kenyans will not be seeing these beautiful luxurious cars for some time, at least until the owner lets the Kenyan government make money on custom duty tax.

Here are some pics:




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