Lupita Nyongo Ditches All The International Glamour And Devours Brown Ugali Like She Has Never Had It Before

Well it seems that Lupita Nyongo has ditched her international celebrity status and finally embraced back her local culture full force. From the numerous pictures doing rounds, Lupita jetted into Kenya and has been doing busy rounds from elephants to mentoring on Art projects.

However the thing that has actually got Kenyans talking is the fact that at her homecoming party, Lupita actually went on to devour brown ugali and vegetables as if it was her first taste of real meal. She did this passionately, unashamed that she does not know how to cook ugali, somewhat comparing it to rocket science.

Before she did this, Lupita was invited to shake a leg and have a dance by Eric Omondi who was the MC at the gathering that happened in Kisumu. Present at the function was her father, Anyang Nyongo and well mentioned invitees who came to join in the celebration. At the end of it all, Lupita is showing Kenyans that she is still a true Kenyan.

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