Shocking Study Reveals That Kenyan Women Are The Problem And Kenyan Men Are The Most Faithful In Africa

Well it seems that there is a new study that has been conducted that actually claims that women are the problem when it comes to faithfulness as Kenyan men are apparently the most faithful men in the East African region. The study that was conducted in 39 countries over the whole world showed that Nigerian men and Ethiopians lead the pack in being promiscuous.

The report titled “state of the world’s fathers” produced by men care, surveyed different men including polygamous men, married men who cheat on partners and unmarried men who get intimate with different women. The report further went on to state that men actually want to be more involved in raising children and in domestic tasks but face a lot of resistance due to stigma in the society.

Truth be told, one shouldn’t believe a thing the report said. With all the dead beat dads in Kenya, who is to believe that a surveying company called men care would actually be impartial? With the side dishes increasing in number, one wonders what part of Kenya they surveyed as most men want to be treated like big babies and would chase anything in a skirt.

Either way from the results it seems that Kenyan women are the problem, what do you think?

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