This Is How Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe May Have Filed Their KRA Tax Returns

Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are by all means the most famous and most extravagant socialites in the country. Huddah barely spends any time in Kenya and can be seen vacationing in most tourist hot spots, areas which only you and I can dream of. On the other hand, Vera sidika is out of the country at least twice a month doing what she does best, shopping, skin lightening, vacationing and shopping some more. Both must surely be earning a lot of income, in the millions if everything they post on social media is anything to go by.

Huddah Monroe who purports to be a business woman has invested heavily in the real estate world while Vera sidika has a high-end hair lounge which is said to bring in a substantial amount. Kenyans are now asking the hard question that is, if the two have filled their KRA tax reports.

Thinking out loud isn’t it obvious that Vera Sidika’s hair lounge pays taxes and that the real estate business Huddah has which no one knows of also pays its taxes if it exists. The rest of the money which they get from their sponsors is actually gift money which cannot be taxed.

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