Despite The Tax Evasion Claims Here Is Proof That Laura Akunga Pays Her Taxes And Is Very Loyal To The Taxman

After Laura Akunga gifted her husband with a Land Cruiser V8 some Kenyans were not amused. If anything, the whole saga was irritating and demeaning for some. They came out baying for blood calling Laura a liar, a tax evader and a defrauder. One of the loudest haters was none other than controversial blogger Robert Alai. On his social media page he stated that Laura was using cooked up stories to market her company, Benchmark Solutions. He went ahead to state that she was lying about her age and her entire story during her interview on NTV last year was full of inconsistencies. This all came at a time when Laura was riding high on her commendable reputation that she had worked so much to build.

Seeing that her gigantic ego was at stake, Laura came out strongly to refute the claims. She took to her Facebook page on Thursday to set things straight and show how complaint and loyal she was to the taxman. She posted two documents showing that she had filed both her company’s and personal tax returns. Both documents look genuine and show that the validity periods are up to date.

Here are the documents


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