Exposed: Wealthy Business Man Proves That Laura Akunga, The 10 Million Gift V8 Lady, Fraudulently Obtained 17.6 Million From Him


It seems people will never learn that flaunting wealth in public is never a good Idea. It almost always leads to a negative outcome in the long run. Bad publicity always run hand in hand with overblown egos. Laura is one of those people who are yet to learn this lesson. After showing the world how generous, loving and extravagant she was by gifting her husband with a KSH 10 million car, a business man by the name Siriam Bharatam has come out to sue her. According to an article by the Standard, The businessman claims that Laura fraudulently obtaining Sh17.6 million from him.

In the case field against her at the Milimani Commercial Courts on March 31, Bharatam of Iridium Interactive claimed that Laura with whom he was well acquainted with had fraudulently obtained $176,618 (Sh17.6 million) from him. The amount was lent to Laura on various occasion to help settle her loans, pay her suppliers and start her new business ventures. At the time Laura had made Bharatam believe that her business was doing very well and made around ksh 80 to 90 million in revenue. Bharatam kept on asking for her financial records but she kept on giving flimsy excuses. He later on came to learn that the business only made between ksh 6 and 8 million.

Currently Laura owes the business man KSh4,177,894 but his effort to get his money back have been met with unanswered calls, emails and text messages.

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