These Were The Worst Written Compositions In Last Year’s KCSE Examinations

When free primary school education was introduced, parents were brimming with joy as this would mean that every child would be able to attend school regardless of their financial status. Even though this was by far a good thing there were some unexpected outcomes. The most obvious was the drop in the quality of education. It drastically went down despite the government’s efforts to lengthen the number of hours students spent learning. Things got to a point where near illiterate students were sitting for KCSE exams.

In the Kenya Certificate of Primary education last year a good number of students did not know simple English sentence construction, leave alone the use of tenses, flow and grammar. The blame heaped up on the teachers for not doing their job right, however, many did not stop to think that with a salary of less than Ksh 20,000 in today’s economy something horrible was bound to happen. Funny enough the government is still yet to give any pay rises to the teachers but is eager on giving threats of sacking and fake promises. In additions to the inadequate salary, the number of students each teacher needs to handle has been increasing exponentially. If these students are going to make it to leadership roles in the near future, we are in for a lot of trouble.

Without further ado here are the compositions


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