This Is How Long President Obama Will Be In Kenya And This Is What Kenyans Should Expect


The long awaited visit of the most powerful man in the world is just around the corner. With the first rumors stating that he will only be in the country for 8 hours before he jets back to his country it has been confirmed that his stay will be longer. President Obama will be saying in the country for approximately 3 days starting from the 24th of July. With the official statement of where he will be staying hidden from the public, what has been confirmed is that he will be in the CBD at KICC for the global entrepreneurship summit. Later on he will visit the former US embassy bombing site where he is expected to pay his respects to the deceased.

However with the fact that the remaining days agendas are yet to be confirmed Kenyans should expect sudden road closures in the CBD and its whereabouts, and that means getting home at weird hours of the night. However with this happening the only thing that Kenyans can do is hope that with the hidden roads being used, more roads than just Mombasa road will be repaired and beautified.

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