This Is How 6 In Kiambu Have Died Because Of Lack Of Alcohol

It seems that the negative effect of the crackdown on illicit brews in the country has reared its ugly head as Kenyans die. Ironically it is not from lethal alcoholic drinks laced with dangerous substances this time round but the effects from sudden withdrawal of alcohol.

So far it is reported that six people have died from the 18 that were admitted from Wednesday last week. Having nowhere to turn to but to remain sober, the individuals developed these symptoms and unfortunately their body systems shut down.

Following this effect Governor for Kiambu County has vowed to continue with the crackdown and has called upon those exhibiting withdrawal symptoms to check in rehabilitation centers care facilities to be treated before the situation worsens with the hotline number 0711 264 000.

In all this one hopes that the rest will be taken to hospital and saved. At the end of the day illicit brew just has to go for the sake of Kenya’s future.

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