This Is What Happens To The Your Safaricom MPESA Money Once You Die

Many people who have lost loved ones wonder if they can retrieve the money the deceased had in their Mpesa account. In most instances Safaricom may have no idea that the person has passed on and the money is usually held in the account for months on end with no one to withdraw it. Recently Safaricom gave an answered and stated that the money can be released to the next of Kin.

If the money in the account of the deceased is more than ksh 30,000, proof of death and documents stating that the person is actually the next of Kin have to be provided. In case of a will, the money will be released to the affected parties. In the event that there is no written will and the next of kin demands for the money, letters of administration have to be provided to Safaricom operators before the money is released.

However even with this one can’t help but wonder what actually happens to the money if there is no one to actually claim it?

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