18 University Of Nairobi Students Threated To Commit Suicide If President Barrack Obama Does Not Visit Nairobi University

As the Kenyan government tries its best to beautify all the areas that president Obama will be visiting some students in Nairobi University are very sad and stressed. 18 students have so far threatened to take their own lives if the president fails to visit the university. 31 female students on the other hand have threatened to urinate on the tree that president Barrack Obama planted at the university when he paid them a visit in 2006. The tree was planted outside the now infamous Taifa hall. Some male students have threatened to do something that can only be described as catastrophic, calamitous and cataclysmic.

All this information was contained in a letter addressed to the USA Ambassador to Kenya from the office of the SONU cahirman, Babu Owino. The letter has been posted on Babu Owino’s official facebook page. Here is the letter:
Although these threats my sound outrageous, Nairobi University students have been known to carry out some pretty uncanny acts in the past. Some of these acts have left Kenyans wondering what type of leaders we will have in the near future.

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