Here Are 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Car “The Beast” President Barack Obama Will Be Moving In While In Nairobi

Although president Obamas car bears the Cadillac symbol, it really isn’t one of those ordinary Cadillac you can go out and buy. Everything about the car is unique and tailored to certain specifics. Not much is known about the car since it falls under the Secret Service’s classified motor pool but over the years some credible information has leaked out. Here are 10 known facts about the car.

1. It has its own airplane

Believe it or not The Beast, a second limo and a heavily armoured Chevrolet Suburban communications vehicle are transported in their own plan every time the president travels to a foreign land.

2. It is the best armoured vehicle on the planet

The armour plating on the car is believed to be 8 inches thick and each of the doors on the car is said to weigh just as much as a Boeing 757 aircraft. The windows are 5 inches thick and the inside is sealed off from the outside world to reduce risks of a bio-chemical attack. The fuel tank on the other hand is surrounded by a special foam to prevent it from exploding in case of a heavy impact.


3. Material that makes up the car

The car is made of titanium, dual hardness steel, ceramic and aluminium

4. The tyres

The tyres on the beast are puncture and chard resistant. The car can keep moving even if the wheel is blasted away due to the steel rims underneath the tires.

5. It is well equipped

If you were to open up the car’s trunk it is said that you will find just about anything you need in case of an emergency. Some of the items included in the trunk are fire fighting equipment, oxygen tanks and even a cache of the president’s blood type. Teargas canisters, shotguns and grenade launchers are also said to be integrated into the car.

6. It can hold up to seven passengers

At the very least the car can have three people in it, this is the president, the driver and the lead Secret Service protective agent in the front passenger seat. However the car has four more additional seats.

7. The beast is not alone

There are a few beast like vehicles which accompany the main car on some occasions.

8. Speed of the car

Contrary to what many may think, the car is not a rocket ship. It has a top speed of 60 mp/h which is around 97 km/h. The cars, immense weight makes it a guzzler taking around 8 mpg.

9. Fuel

The car does not run on rocket fuel, it runs on everyday diesel. Aside from durability of diesel engines, diesel has a low volatility which reduces the risk of it exploding in case of an impact.

10. Driver

The driver has to be highly qualified. He should be able to execute tight J-turns and other police-style evasion techniques in the case of an emergency.


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