This Is How An Italian Hacking Team Rejected The Governments Bid To Bring Down Robert Alai’s Blog Kahawatungu

In May this year an Italian based surveillance malware vendor hacking team declined the Kenyan governments bid to deface or bring down Robert Alai’s blog. The hacking team cited that the website was dedicated to fighting corruption and highlighting the wrong doings of the government. This was a venture they didn’t want to get involved in. The entire plot was uncovered by new emails that were released on 8 July 2015 by whistleblower site WikiLeaks. The emails were part of more than One million emails from the Italian surveillance Hacking Team, which first came under international scrutiny after WikiLeaks publication of the SpyFiles.

The emails were received by the company’s Operations Manager Ms Daniele Milan who was quick to reply, expressing her discomfort.

The request to bring the website down was from a private company which is suspected to have been acting on behalf of a cyber-security outfit in the Office of the President. The KahawaTungu blog which came up in 2013 is associated with Robert Alai although he has on occasion denied commenting on whether he’s its publisher. Although the blog is still up and running it seems efforts to bring it down are still underway and Kenyans will not be surprised if it’s shut down for good.

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