This is why Kenyans should Stop Consoling Mama Kayai Over Mzee Ojwang’s Death

Interestingly many kenyan’s thought that Mama Kayai was Mzee Ojwang’s real wife. A good number of those sending their condolences are still directing them to Mama Kayai thinking she has lost a long time husband. Speaking to Nairobi News, Sally Wanjiru Kimani, Ojwang’s sister, said that people had been calling Mama Kayai instead of Augusta Wanjiru Wanjau, The late Ojwang,s real wife. She wanted to make it clear that Mama Kayai was just a good friend of the family.

Mary Khavere (Mama Kayai) and the late Mzee Ojwang formed a good acting duo on the vitimbi series. This was so much so that, over year’s fans came to think of them as an item.

After battling with an eye infection and chest infections, Mzee Ojwang succumbed to Pneumonia on Sunday evening at the Kenyatta National Hospital. He died aged 78. His body is now lying at the Umash Funeral Home after he was transferred from the Kenyatta Mortaury by the Sonko rescue team.

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