Vera Sidika Finally Shows The World Where She Gets All Her Large Sums Of Money

Vera Sidika is undoubtedly one of the most extravagant socialites in Kenya if not Africa as a whole. She once hinted that her skin bleaching job cost a whooping Ksh 50 million, a sum which most millionaires would find ridiculous for a skin lightening procedure. In spite of her growing number of critics, she has continued to stun and dazzle with her profligate expenditure making her fans wonder where the large sums of money come from. Many think that the only reasonable explanation would be vending her body to the highest bidder, a fact she has continuously vehemently denied.

Today Vera decided to shed some light on the issue and defend her tainted reputation. In a post she put on her Facebook wall, she said that she actually works for her money. She even likened her hard work to that of a donkey. The only reason people may not think that she works is because she never posts pictures of her working. She feels that, that is boring and no one cares if she did post them anyway.

Here is her post


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