Moses Kuria Shows another Dark Side As He Unceremoniously Storms Out Of A Live Citizen TV Interview

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is one of those people who never shies away from controversy and outlandish behaviour. On Tuesday evening he caused quite the stir when he walked off a Citizen TV interview even before it was mid-way. He walked off just as Citizen TV anchor Hussein Mohammed suggested that he play the clip where he was allegedly inciting the youth in Gatundu to slash anyone who was perceived to be opposing NYS projects with pangas. The clip had angered many Kenyans and the anchor had asked him to explain his utterances.

As expected, Moses Kuria didn’t try to clear the air, instead he argued that the clip had heavily been edited and it should be 45 minutes long. He insisted that if the original entire clip had been played, Kenyans would have found out what really transpired. As Mr Mohammed tried to play the clip, Moses Kuria felt that the best thing to do at the time was ran away from the contentious issue and thus walked out. As usual, he became the trending topic on twitter and Kenyans did what they do best. Roast him and put him in his place.

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