This Is How A Pastor Shockingly Made Members Of His Congregation Eat A Live Snake Without Thinking Twice

These are undoubtedly the prophesied doctrinal end times. We are now witnessing the most bizarre events in history. One such event was witnessed at a Pretoria based church where members of the congregation were ordered to consume a live snake. Interestingly, Prophet Penuel Mnguni, the leader of the church in South Africa, made them believe it would taste like chocolate.

Members of the controversial church posted images on Facebook showing a dangling live snake being dropped into the mouths of some susceptible members.


The images were accompanied by this troubling post:

In May this year, Penuel hit the headlines after asking members of his congregation to remove their clothes while he sat down on their bodies and prayed. He also asked members of his gullible flock to drink petrol, eat clothes and eat a young woman’s weave, straight from her head.

Another South African based pastor who rose to prominence with similar tactics was Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries. He had urged his congregation to eat grass since this was what God wanted them to do.

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