This Is How This Shameless Con Woman Tried To Sell Dj Adrians’ Car On OLX


Well it seems that a Kenyan woman has decided to give a new meaning to being desperate after trying to sell DJ Adrians car on OlX. The woman who has been identified as Jackie Mugambi on Facebook profile apparently is going through a rough patch and thus decided to take matters into her own hands.

Dj Adrian having come to know of the deceit went ahead and decided to inform Kenyans through his social media profile. He called out the woman for trying to sell his vehicle without permission stating that this was just another act of another desperate person turning to crime. He further went on to state that the number has since not been answered.

Looking at this it seems that Kenyans have to be on the lookout for any suspicions activities before agreeing to buy anything. If one isn’t prudent enough then one can find themselves in deep trouble.

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