This Is Why This Man Plans To Remove All His Clothes In Front Of Obama

Well it seems that some Kenyans are deciding to take things to the extreme when it comes to a desperate move to get attention on the Anti-gay campaign. One man, identified as Vincent KIdaha, a father of two has stated clearly that he is going to rally supporters amounting 5000 to ensure that they participate in the protest against President Barack Obama support for gay rights.

In a brief letter to The Nairobi AP commander, Vincent Kidaha stated:

“Through this letter we notify you this (sic) we shall hold a peaceful procession in Nairobi on 22nd and 23rd of July 2015 commencing from the Freedom Corner at 10.00am. “

This is not the first time Vincent Kidaha is in the center of the gay controversial issue as in August 2014 he was among the few who were in support of extreme gay penalization through death. In all this one wonders what Kenyans think Obama is coming to do. After years, he finally agreed to come to Kenya for the Global summit and not to entertain Kenyans.

Looking at it, persons in and out of parliament are screaming stating that being Gay is against Kenyan traditions. As truthful as this might be, isn’t removing your clothes in front of mothers and sisters also against tradition?

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