After The extreme Hate Speech Remarks and Shamelessly Walking of an Interview by Citizen TV Moses Kuria Is Trending Again For Doing This

It seems that Moses Kurias’ careless speech has landed him in court yet again. Having been videotaped talking of extreme reactions in a past rally, he has finally appeared in court early Thursday morning.

The Gatundu south MP however made a preliminary objection to have the media excluded from his case. According to him, it seems that the media is out on a witch hunt and thus he is being tried and convicted without a fair trial and thus including them in the case is equal to denying him a fair trial.

In response to this however the Director of public prosecution however claimed that the particular case was made in a public rally and thus could not be classified as a private manner. He also went ahead and claimed that the bond issue be reversed stating that the MP is still making cutting remarks .

In the recent past it seems that the MP just survives by the whisker. This time round however with the evidence on tape, things are turning out to be quite serious. Regardless, whatever way you look at it, whether it was a figure of speech or not; a man who is in public position has no right to tell residents to slash others with Pangas.

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