Ringtone’s New Fuel Guzzler Proves To Be Too Expensive For Him To Fuel

Well it seems that ringtone is a bitter man all together as the media has decided to put a spot light on the management of his acquired range rover. After having purchased it in a silent statement to Jaguar who claimed he could not afford it, it seems that the car’s fuel consumption is a little bit to high for him to maintain.

In reaction to circling social media accounts, it seems that his range rover ran out of fuel and was being fueled by another person. Kenyans being Kenyans could simply not let this one slide and in a matter of minutes, he got insulted for leading a showy life that he could not afford

As expected, Ringtone reacted angrily wondering why people were so much focused on making small matters seem big. On his social media post he stated;

What’s is wrong with mtu kuishiwa Mafuta????media likes to make small things big things

In all this it seems that Kenyans are divided on what to think. In the end a car running out of fuel is a common phenomenal, besides who doesn’t run into financial trouble every now and then. In all its his life, Kenyans should simply let him be

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