This Is How Students Got Injured At KEMU University During A Terror Attack Drill

It seems that the fight against terror attacks especially in public institutions in the country has been, taken a notch higher as KEMU university exhibited yesterday. In preparedness of the upcoming graduation ceremony at the university in Meru County, a security drill was staged by administration police to gauge the amount of preparedness that the students had.

From the results, it seems that the students were well aware of the security threat that faced the country and many of them scampered for safety. Cases of students jumping through windows and crawling to the nearby forest in response to the gun shots in the air was in record time.

In this situations two students were injured, fortunately they were treated at the university clinic and discharged immediately. North Imenti Deputy County Commissioner Jim Njoka and Administration Police Commandant Peter Karanja are happy that the drill was successful. With this they have better knowledge of how to better protect students during the graduation ceremony come Saturday.


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