This Is Probably Why The Italian Pm Wore A Bullet Proof Vest To State House

Kenya’s grievous insecurity remains a thorn in the flesh for the Jubilee government. Images of the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wearing a bulletproof vest in State House in a visit to the country further underline the lack of confidence that Kenya’s security situation is suffering. Pictures of the Italian dignitary’s suit on the shoulder show a protruding inner profile that is shaped like a vest. Mr. Renzi’s slim fit suit did not help matters as it was pretty evident that he was wearing it. Never mind that State House is a fortress against any security threat.

The Kenyan and Italian authorities declined to comment on the matter. The Italian PM had jetted in Kenya to catch up on the bilateral relations between Kenya and Italy at a time when US President Barack Obama is expected in the country for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Mr. Renzi, gave a public lecture at University of Nairobi where it is said he still wore the bullet proof vest.

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