This Is The Real Reason Why Tuskys Embakasi Branch Arrested 16 Of Its Employees

It seems a stream of luck is continuing to run out for supermarket employees all over the Kenya as many are being caught red handed in the act of stealing. The latest to be nabbed for stealing are 16 employees who worked at the Embakasi Tuskys branch, mainly at the Bakery and dairy section.

The 16 who were arrested were later released on ksh.1000 bond to await their arraignment in court later on today. In their defense however the employees are stating that this move is to be viewed with suspicion as it a way to fire them and employee new people to take over their jobs.

In response to the allegations, the tuskys chief operating officer Peter Leparachao said:

“The 16 staff involved in pilferaging was captured on camera, which according to our policy is a criminal offence and that is why they were handed over to the authorities. It is not true that they were maliciously relieved of their duties,”

With the trend continuing in other supermarkets, this should serve as a warning to other employees in other supermarket branches all over to stop, as it might just be your unlucky day.

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