This Is Why Lawyer Felix Kiiprono, Malia Obamas Suitor, Converted To Islam Days Before President Barack Obama’s Arrival

Well it seems that Malia Obamas suitor is headlining again and is the talk on social media due to his recent actions. Felix who is a lawyer by profession jumped into the spotlight when he announced that he was ready to offer 50 cows, 70 goats and 30 sheep as the dowry for Malia Obama.Recently though he is headlining due to his decision to actually convert to Islam. Talking to the media he went ahead and explained that it is a decision that he made in 2012 and is now in the process of following through. He did this after presenting a certificate of conversion at Jamia Mosque.

Felix Kiprono further went on to state that he is yet to change his official names , one of which is Adnan and is hoping to do so after Tawhid classes in October.

Interestingly this young lad does not have any hope and interest of actually meeting Obama, stating that it is against laws and traditions to meet the potential father in law in such a manner. He states that he leaves it in the hands of the first family to actually consider his marriage proposal.

Unknown to many people, Felix Kiprono is actually not a jobless fellow looking for attention. At the most he is still pursuing his master’s degree in university of Oxford in the United Kingdom, building his resume as the days go by.

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