This Is How A Nurse In Teso North Sub-County Paralyzed 30 Children With a Deadly Injection

This is shocking news from Teso North sub-county where a nurse has paralyses 30 children by administering to them deadly injections. The nurse had been deployed to the injection room at Akichelesit Dispensary where the practice was going on and left the children partially paralyzed.

Morris Simiyu a Health Executive said that the malpractice could have been caused due to the fact that the drugs that were being administered was not expired. He also said that the samples of the drugs were taken to laboratories for further analysis.

According to the head of the dispensary, the nurse was administering to the children a malaria injection that left them partially paralyzed. The nurse has been suspended due to the incident to pave way for investigations. The angry parents have vowed that they will fight until justice is met.

Here is the video courtesy of NTV:

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