This Is How The Mastermind Of The Garissa University Killings Was Sent To Meet His Maker

A US drone strike yesterday in the Juungal area of Somalia reportedly killed four of the top most senior Al Shabaaab terror group leaders. According to reports by Kenya Ministry of Interior and Coordination, Gamadhere, well known as Dulyadayn is among the dead.

The report revealed that Dulyadayn was one of the masterminds of the Garissa University attack that took place this year on April 1st killing more than 148 innocent Kenyans at the University grounds. According to Mwenda Njoka who is the current Interior Ministry Spokesperson, the drone attack at 2 am Thursday was successful and this indicates that the fight against the Al Shabaab has been heightened.

The attack was well planned and it took place during the night at Juungal area near Buur Hajje in Somalia. The mastermind has been on the run after the attack and he was being highly monitored by the Kenyan government after they placed a huge bounty on his head.

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