This Is What President Uhuru Kenyatta Had To Say About Babu Owino’s Letter On Suicide And Urinating On Trees

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SONU chair Babu Owino got a lecture from President Kenyatta over the unsavoury letter he addressed to the US ambassador calling on US president Barack Obama to visit the University of Nairobi as he did back in 2006. From a video clip captured, President Kenyatta is heard telling Babu off over the contents of the letter which among other things threatened suicide by 18 university students and a humiliating gesture of 31 female students urinating on a tree that the US president planted when he came to Kenya as a senator.

The president raps the SONU leader by dismissing his letter as ‘upuzi’ (nonsense). He reveals that the much anticipated visit of the leader of the free world will include a lecture at Kenyatta University. Babu is given reprieve by the president after getting a personal invitation to the state dinner at State House from the Head of state. Babu Owino’s letter had caused a lot of storm especially on social media for its petty and confrontational approach.

Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV:

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