This Is The Real Reason Why Cnn Termed Kenya As An Unquestionable “Terror Hotbed”

As the Kenyan president and other government officials prepare to welcome the president of the United States of America into the Country for the Global Entrepreneurial Summit, Kenyans and citizens from other countries seem unhappy with the recent media post made by CNN. After the media house alleged that, the state of security within the country was not good many activists and other groups have sought for an apology from them. Zain Verjee, a former CNN news anchor with a Kenyan nationality has come out to explain operations of CNN and the reason as why it termed Kenya a “terror hotbed”.

According to the news presenter, there is a difference between CNN USA and CNN international. Whereas CNN USA creates the most sensational headlines to improve on their ratings, CNN international does not. Zain outlines that words such as hotbed are among the few words chosen by reporters of this media house to capture the attention of readers from the different parts of the world.

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