This Is The Speech That Us President Barack Obama Gave At Kasarani Stadium

During his speech that marked the end of his short trip within the country, Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America praised the nation for the great progress made politically and economically. However, he warned leaders against terrorism, corruption and ethnic division by terming them as the greatest enemies of development. He went ahead to recall days when Africans had to serve the colonial master the way his grandfather did.

According to Obama, the potential within the Kenyan youth is very promising. He added that politics based on ethnicity is likely to tear the nation apart despite the stability. He also thanked Kenyan for holding peaceful elections unlike what happened during the post election violence witnessed in the year 2008. He highlighted that corruption was costing the country over 250, 000 jobs and condemned the repression of women that takes place in the form of early and forced marriages.

Here is the video courtesy of DNKenya:

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