Compared To Kenya This Is How Low-Key President Barrack Obama’s Welcome Was In Ethiopia

The Kenyan Government and the County Government of Nairobi spared no effort in ensuring that President Barack Obama’s visit would present Nairobi in positive light. The city received an unprecedented facelift ahead of the significant visitor’s scheduled arrival last Friday. It even turned comical with Kidero grass. The capital still looks beautiful as the Kenyan culture dictates that prior to a visitor’s arrival things are placed in order and when they are around, everyone is on their best behaviour.

Well, Obama’s next visit was our neighbours Ethiopia where preparations appear to have been hushed. There was no sign of overzealousness from the government over there. There was no red carpet rolled out for the US president, a household carpet which Kenyans trolled on Twitter was accorded to him. The streets of Addis Ababa did not seem strewn with excitement as they were in Kenya. A billboard read “Thank you for vesting Ethiopia” instead of “Visiting.”
This would suggest that the hype ahead of US president Obama was muted in Addis given the government’s crackdown on opposing voices.

Here are some photos of the visit.




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